Websites & Landing Pages
UI was designed by another contractor. My job as a contractor at the time was to implement the design in HTML4, CSS3, and jQuery. When the website went live into production after 2 weeks of development, I took the lead in the design, programming, and content updating of the website.
Any graphical, non-illustrated assets involving Mob Wars Mobile and Fruit Pop are my work.
Fruit Pop!
These are landing pages for Metamoki's new mobile game, Fruit Pop. The UI design and HTML, CSS3, and front end jQuery were my work.
Fighting Words!
Designed UI and implemented in HTML, CSS3, and jQuery. Illustrations were done by another artist.
SSA Global
Contacted to help design a splash page for their newly developed website at the time. UI design and HTML/CSS3 implementation were my work. The collage was an endless sliding image that was developed using a jQuery script found online.
Splash page was removed recently for unknown reasons.
DaRosa Homes / DaRosa & Associates
This is a website made for my father's business. All HTML/CSS were done by me. jQuery scripts were largely open source scripts available online and tweaked to my preferences. Logo and other small graphic details were also done by me.
Union Insurance Services
All UI / graphical design and front end HTML and CSS3 are my work. A lot of the jQuery scripts were found off the web and manipulated to do what I wanted. This was one of Time Advertisement's clients that requested for a website design. The project never moved forward and the development came to a halt.
Bay Area Real Estate Overview
UI design, graphical assets, and front end HTML and CSS3 were my work. jQuery scripts were pulled from the web but manipulated to do what I wanted to do. Some jQuery (i.e. Drop down Newsletter sign up container) was coded from scratch.
Project was intended to redesign the current Design was never implemented and development came to a halt.
Hugo Da Rosa Music
This is a personal music site. UI design and HTML/CSS3 were done by me. A lot of the jQuery scripts were pulled from the web but manipulated to do what I wanted them to do. Graphical assets were designed by me, with the exception of photographs and royalty-free stock images.
This was previously my portfolio. The website was no longer updated however and all updates are now here. All HTML/CSS was written by me. Much of the scripts were fetched from open jQuery sources available on the web. Images were royalty-free stock images with credits given at the bottom of the page.


Mob Wars Facebook
All front-end HTML, CSS3, and jQuery on Mob Wars is my work. The game was completely revamped early 2012 with a new UI that was originally designed by a contract UI designer. Only 2 mocks for this UI was delivered by that contract UI designer, so as of late 2011, I became the lead UI designer for Mob Wars.
Most graphical / non-illustrated elements in Mob Wars Facebook were my work. "Wars" was the first feature that I took a complete lead in the design and front-end implementation, which can be viewed in the lower-right screenshot.

Mobile UI

Mob Wars Mobile
In October of 2011, a team of 3 developers and I took Mob Wars Facebook and created an iOS/Android game using Xcode and Phonegap. The Front-End HTML, CSS3, and mobile jQuery were my work.
A contract UI designer designed roughly half the screens on the mobile game. Beginning late 2011, I took on the role as the lead UI designer for Mob Wars Mobile and recreated many of the graphical assets as well as creating new graphical assets throughout the game.

Email Campaigns

These screenshots are sample e-mail campaigns that I had worked on to design and implement in HTML/CSS format. Most campaigns were designed with Photoshop and distributed either through MailChimp or Active Campaign. They were also designed to be visible across as many e-mail clients as possible.


These presentations are typically done within PowerPoint or Keynote. All photographs are royalty-free stock images or provided by the client. Graphics are designed and laid out by me.
Sample downloads are available in the URLs below. Each sample contains 4 slides of each presentation, to give a general idea of the animations and qualities of the images on larger screens.

About Me

Hugo Da Rosa
UI, Graphic, Presentation Designer and Front End Developer
Studio/Performing Electric Guitarist
Current Location
Los Angeles, CA
UC Davis
Sociology - Organizational Studies
Asian American Studies Minor
Other Places

The Brief

Web design and development was a hobby I initially picked up when I was 11 or 12. It was more of an attempt to have a cool website to show off to friends. After a few years of tinkering and being able to put together full websites (though not very purposeful ones), some began to notice what I was doing and asked if I may make them a website for some pocket change. Though I realized early on that this could make me a decent living, I tucked it away in pursuit of other aspirations and did not resurface it until the tail end of college when the economy started heading south.
Today, I help clients with designing websites, landing pages, splash pages, UIs, graphics, promotional materials, presentations, etc. as well as implementing them in HTML, CSS3, jQuery, and little bits of PHP and AJAX. Whenever I'm not programming, I am keeping my chops sharp on the electric guitar and always trying to find opportunities to play in studio or on stage and furthermore go after that elusive childhood dream of becoming a full-time musician.


I Can Use

  • HTML
  • HTML5 (learning)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • PHP (basic knowledge)
  • MySQL (basic knowledge)
  • AJAX (basic knowledge)
Version Control
  • GIT (Command line)
  • Komodo Edit
  • Eclipse
  • Xcode
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Illustrator CS5
  • InDesign CS5
  • Dreamweaver CS5
  • MAMP
  • Transmit
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2011
  • Keynote
  • Wordpress
Social Networks
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • YouTube